So I don’t like social situations if I don’t have more than like 2 of my close friends there with me. I just feel like everyone is watching me and looking at what I look like and judging because I don’t fit in. If I have some friends then I sort of distracts me from it :/ and so my boyfriend is taking me to a small show and all my friends are going to the movies with each other and I really hate this I just wanna go home and I have tried everything to try and subtly get out of it but nothing is working and now I feel bad :/ ughhhh wish I could just crawl into a hole and just sit on tumblr..

Anonymous: have u been cutting recently? can you post a pic or ur arms/legs wherever u cut?

I actually haven’t been cutting recently. After my last lot of cuts everyone saw them and even though it was only my bitchy aunty that pointed them out no one actually cared to ask or to try help and with dancing coming up i have to wait till it gets cold enough that I won’t go swimming then I can do it on my stomach again but legs and arms are just too risky at the moment and I don’t need my parents worrying about me or anyone for that matter right now.

Anonymous: Time away from tumblr is a good idea, espeially if its really triggering for you, I was just worried:)

Awww thank you anon :3

Anonymous: u ahvent been on tumblr much?

No sorry but I promise to start posting more. I have started to just not gain followers and like as soon as I gain one then one of you guys leave and it makes me sad… :’( but I promise to start posting more I just needed a bit of time off but I didn’t actually think anyone cared about this blog?